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Inquiry-based learning refers to any pedagogy that replaces traditional lectures and textbooks with some form of student-centered activities. Instructors typically supply students with carefully crafted course notes consisting of a sequence of definitions, problems or theorems. Instructors then serve as mentors, by listening to the students, reading their work, and giving them the minimal information they need to understand the defined concepts, solve the problems, or prove the theorems.

The Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics (JIBLM) publishes university-level course notes that are freely downloadable, professionally refereed, and classroom-tested. These course notes are intended

  1. for instructors to use as a starting point to design a course that meets the specific needs of their own students and

  2. for students to use to study a topic independently.

Instructors are encouraged to contact authors for guidance in the use of these course notes.

Unless stated otherwise, copyrights for these course notes are held by the authors. They are offered here free of cost in order to encourage their use, and may be reproduced and distributed provided that no charge is levied to the users beyond the cost of reproduction.

JIBLM was previously funded by MathNerds and the Educational Advancement Foundation, and is currently funded through private donations.